Usage environment and conditions

Can AGVs work on wet floors?

Standard AGVs are not waterproofed but we do offer waterproofed models.

Can AGVs work on uneven passages or passages with many gaps?

Supported conditions vary among models. An on-site survey is required to make a determination.

Is asphalt-paved flooring a problem?

It is not recommended because repeated driving over asphalt paving will make wheel tracks, which could becomes obstacles for driving.

Can AGVs ascend slopes?

Hill-climbing performance varies among models.

Is it capable of outdoor usage?

We offer AGVs for outdoor use.
Please refer to “Outdoor AGV” for details.

What happens if an AGV goes off the route or track guide?

In such cases, an error will be triggered and the emergency stop will be activated. The vehicle will not operate recklessly.

Is there a risk of collision with a human in an environment with human traffic?

Our AGVs are equipped with obstacle sensors. When sensors detect any obstacle, the vehicle will slow down and stop.

How long can AGVs work with a single battery charge?

About 8 hours, but this varies depending on models, use conditions, and charge modes. The automatic non-contact charging system “AERO FACE” allows AGVs to continuously operate around the clock.

About maintenance and consumables

Can magnetic tape deteriorate or peel off?

It can deteriorate or peel off over time. Spare tape is available for purchase.

How often should maintenance services be performed?

Depends on the model and use environments. We will present recommended maintenance intervals at the time of delivery.

What support will be provided in the case of any fault?

Please contact HEADS by phone or via the inquiry form. Our support staff will then reach out to you.

Usage environment and conditions

How much will it cost to introduce AGVs?

Our solutions are all tailored to client requirements and there is no fixed price table. We will provide a quote for each case.

We would like to request a quote.

Please contact HEADS by phone or via the inquiry form. Our support staff will then reach out to you.

How long is the typical delivery period?

The standard delivery time is 4-6 months from establishment of specifications.

We would like to know your past delivery records.

The information is provided in our website. Ask our sales rep for any further information.

How many days would the installation work take?

Depends on the scale of work.

Can we ask for your support from the planning phase?

Please feel free to contact us. We are pleased to offer an optimal proposal.

Can we visit and see AGVs in the field?

We will invite you to an AGV tour. Please contact us for details.

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