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HEADS was founded in January 1975 as a business providing maintenance services for the factory equipment of automobile manufacturers.
Afterward, following reforms in industrial structures and changes in corporate circumstances, we expanded to cover automation equipment, conveyance facilities, automated carriers (AGVs and AMRs), and wireless charging systems for companies of different industries.
While further reforms are being made worldwide, we are endeavoring to discover new values for the future and to offer manufacturing services and products with integrity to contribute to solving the issues of modern society including energy saving, environmental conservation, aging society, labor shortage, and productivity and to deliver pleasure and smiles to as many people as possible under our corporate principles: Honesty, Endeavor, Appreciation, Dependability, and Service mind (HEADS).
The whole company does its utmost as one team to help society develop by working “for manufacturing that is people-and environment-friendly.”
We look forward to receiving your further patronage and support.

Yutaka Honda, Representative Director

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